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Incredibly durable single climbing rope from Edelrid perfect for intensive working routes Size:10mm x 50mColour: Blue Brand Colour:Aqua BlueProduct ID: 248133  
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At 10mm, the Hawk Climbing Rope from Edelrid is built to withstand serious wear and tear and its durability and compact and supple construction makes it the ideal rope for top-roping and climbs involving a large number of falls.

Thermo Shield treatment is a thermal stabilising process for the rope that gives it the famous Edelrid handling characteristics and feel. The rope undergoes a heat treatment cure to stabilise and harmonise the individual yarns. This treatment cannot be washed out and ensures a supple rope throughout its working life.

Ederlrid also uses sports sheath braiding construction methods that make their ropes more durable and prepared for the wear and tear that comes with intensified use. The braiding means the rope is smooth and supple on the hands, yet compact and abrasion-resistant and ready for intensive routes.

3D lap coiling also prevents your rope becoming tangled and means it is ready to go as soon as you open your pack.

The Hawk is a great choice for anyone looking for a durable rope that is easy on the hands and comfortable on working routes.



10mm x 50m. Aqua Blue


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